Coaching New Managers Radio Show on Voice of America

On May 21,2007 I appeared with three other coaches on a Voice of America business broadcast to discuss “Coaching New Managers” with Tom Floyd of IE Consulting.

While new managers have some of the same needs and challenges as new executives there are some distinctive differences in the onboarding process for each.
You can listen to the broadcast here in MP3 format, or you can view a PDF summary of the show here.

Some highlights of the panel discussion are given below:

Many companies still take the sink-or-swim approach to training new managers. After a day or two of HR-mandated training, you’re on your own. But today, no company can afford not to properly prepare its mid-level managers for their new roles.

Professional coaching is one of the most effective tools in helping new managers make the transformation from individual contributor to management. This program discusses how coaching can fit into management development, emphasizing how it can increase the overall effectiveness of a management team.

Research shows that individuals new to management can have a variety of myths about how to be successful in a management role.

From not being able to see linkages and interdependencies across the organization to learning how to get commitment instead of compliance from employees, our experts discuss how these perceptions can affect how new managers perform in their first 3 to 6 months.

Guests explain how coaches can guide new managers in their process of self realization, as they adjust to their new roles. Highlights of the show include:
• What new managers typically experience as they
ease into their roles.
• The importance of meeting the right people and
building relationships.
• The complaints new managers have in the first 90
days – as well as those voiced by their employees.
• How coaches can help managers see the big picture.
• The feeling of humility that comes with managing a
team of people.
• The unintentional disasters that can occur as a result
of micromanagement

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